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Sunday String Group to play at Quincy Words & Music

Quincy Words & Music, scheduled for Thursday, April 14, 2016 at Patti's Thunder Café starting at 7:00pm, will feature the Sunday Strings, a group of local musicians meeting to play pieces for violin, viola, and cello.


"We started as a rehearsal group for the community orchestra string section," says organizer Marty Walters, "and as the group grew more comfortable playing together, we decided to tackle a few other pieces as well." The ensemble's current configuration includes violinists Leslie Mink, Linda Margaretic, Judy Buck, and Marilyn Irish, violists Cristina Weinberg and Marty Walters, and cellists Scott Lusk, Jacek Van Pelt and Cary Dingel. Walters continues, "We work on things like tone, bowing techniques, and listening to the other players. There is a real skill to being a part of group that then creates a complete musical performance. But the main thing I hope we accomplish is to have fun with our playing!"

The night's program will consist of several classical pieces with the full ensemble, as well as a few duets. "We have been working on a short Handel Hornpipe as well as a longer Haydn Quartet. We'll round it out with some Mozart." says Walters. "The exciting thing for me is to see how much confidence the group has built in a relatively short time. We went from our early tentative attempts to really sinking our teeth into the pieces and playing with style and strength."

Words & Music is a program of Plumas Arts, featuring acoustic performances of music and the spoken word. Doors open at 6:45, with the Featured Artist starting at 7pm. Beverages are available for sale. Sign up at the door for an Open Mic spot, following the Featured Artist. There is a $3 admission. For more information about this or any of the many programs sponsored by Plumas Arts, please call (530) 283-3402, visit online at or stop by the Plumas Arts Gallery located at 525 Main St. in Quincy. Office hours are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11am to 5:00pm and Saturday from 11am to 3pm..