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The Stars of the 2015 Taste of Plumas are the chefs and restaurant owners, business wineries and local brewers that bring their culinary artistry to an appreciative public.

Favorites & Friends & Neighbors at Taste of Plumas

There were only winners at the 9th annual Taste of Plumas on April 11th! A record-breaking capacity crowd filled the big room at the fairgrounds for this very important fundraising event for Plumas Arts.

"It is a particularly wonderful thing to be able put on a overwhelmingly appreciated event like this," comments Plumas Arts Director Roxanne Valladao. "When people are leaving with happy faces and you get thanked over and over again for putting on such a good party you know that what you are doing is something very special. We owe it all to the restaurants and to the several hundred people that purchased tickets and made donations to the auction and we are so very grateful."

Hundreds of happy tasters filled the Serpillio Hall to capacity at the 9th annual Taste of Plumas.

The Taste of Plumas invites attendees to vote for their favorite samplings in several categories. General comments were that "everything was wonderful," or that "it was too hard to choose" or that "this was the best year ever" filled the ballots.

Every participant received numerous votes in the categories that they entered. The results of the People's Choice vote tally went like this:

The Knook's Sweet Potato Soup was the front-runner in the Soups category. The Moroccan Seafood Chowder by Feather River College's Culinary Arts Class and Southern Accent's Cajun Chicken & Sausage Gumbo also got significant numbers of votes.

Neighbors Bar-B-Que's Bread Puddin' and The Iron Door's Granny Smith Apple Crisp were tied as favorites in the Dessert category. Southern Accent also had a hit with their Dessert Pairing of their New Orleans Bread Pudding with Lemon Whiskey Sauce & Scotch Whiskey.

Pairing favorite went to Longboards Bar & Grill's Potato Chip with Onion Dip, Trout Roe and Chives paired with a South African Rose.

Carol's Café & Catering Smoked Duck Tostada was a favorite at the Taste of Plumas.

The top of the Entree Favorites list was Carol's Café & Catering's Asian Pear & Smoked Duck Tostada, which also garnered many votes for Pairing and Presentation categories. Moon's Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes and Anna's Eggs Benedict were close behind in votes.

Presentation Award went to Pangaea Café & Pub's beautiful array of Sushi that was also a heavy hitter favorite in the Entrée category. It was a particular honor that the new Plumas Arts Roll was debuted at the tasting—spicy and local Washington Coast Wild Abacore Tuna, Cream Cheese, Cucumber and colorful Shiso & Radish Sprouts. We hope to see it on their regular Thursday night Sushi menu.

Nakoma Golf Resort won a significant number of votes in the Appetizer category scoring them as the 2015 Best of Show Favorite for the delicious and delightful Korean Won Ton Tacos created by Chef Scott Burn's.

The Brewing Lair was on hand with their local brewed beer and the wine from Evergreen Market, The Drunk Brush and other featured wineries was plentiful. and a good-time was had by all. It can be truly said that a-good-time-was-had-by-all and that everyone was impressed by how all the restaurants shined like the stars on this beautiful Spring evening.

Plumas Arts invites you all to save the date of April 9, 2016 now for the 10th annual Taste of Plumas.

Pangaea Pub & Café debuted their new Plumas Arts Roll at the event.