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Caroline and Cecilia Walters Art Show

Plumas Arts Gallery is proud to host the debut art show of sisters Caroline and Cecilia Walters on Friday, September 26 from 5pm to 7pm. Held the same night as Girls' Night Out, the show promises to be fun and youthful. Caroline will exhibit her vibrant acrylic paintings, centered around feminine themes, as well as copies of her latest "zine" (small, hand made magazines), entitled "You Are Worthy." Cecilia will showcase her luscious hand spun yarn, meticulously hand crafted pouches and project bags, and several black and white drawings. The young women have also knitted a selection of soft, colorful hats and cozy shawls and scarves.

Paintings by Caroline
Caroline and Cecilia both grew up in Quincy, for the most part. "We think of Quincy as home, although we spent many years in Japan," says Cecilia. "Our mom had a job in Japan, and we lived there for 5 years," she continues. Both young women are in college now, but their mother Marty, and brother Kai live in Quincy. While living in Japan brought a different, strongly urban perspective, the sisters value their rural roots. As children, their family participated in 4H and they always enter exhibits at the county fair. "I'm so proud of my kids," says their mom Marty. "From Japan to Quincy, and now living in Berkeley, they have always had a strong sense of who they are. Their creativity is definitely a constant."

Caroline is currently studying textile arts at California College of the Arts in Oakland. She is exploring natural dyeing and screen printing in her textiles coursework. A strong sense of storytelling is important to her creative process, and her work tends to convey narratives through quirky characters. She is fascinated by small-scale publishing and the world of zines. Her recent work is inspired by anything feminine and feminist.

Cecilia is a first-year student at UC Berkeley. She has been creating things with her hands since she was young. One of her favorite things to do is learn new skills and dabble in a range of art and craft, including pottery, drawing, painting, and graphic design. Recently, knitting, quilting, and fiber arts have caught her attention. She loves making practical, wearable objects that borrow from the spirit of folk art.

Pouches hand made by Cecilia
A stack of cozy knitted hats made by the sisters
Skeins of yarn hand spun by Cecilia

The Artists' Opening Reception will feature fun appetizers and beverages, as well as displaying a wide variety of fine art and craft created by local and regional artists. Plumas Arts Gallery is located at 525 Main Street in Quincy. The gallery houses Plumas Arts, and is open from 11am to 5:30pm Wednesdays through Fridays, and from 11am to 3pm on Saturdays. For more information give a call to (530) 283-3402.