Plumas Arts cultivating culture & community
SierraScapes artist group and Plumas Artisan Made Showcase at
the Plumas Arts Gallery

The Plumas Arts Gallery, located at 525 Main Street in Quincy, proudly presents artwork of SierraScapes, an artist group from Sierra Valley. On Friday, June 5, the Gallery will host a reception from 5:00pm to 7:00pm to mark the opening of the show. In addition to the Artists' Opening Reception, Plumas Arts is please to present the first Plumas Artisan Made Showcase, spotlighting artisans who are part of the “Plumas Artisan Made” branding project.

SierraScapes is a group of artists living and working in the Sierra Valley. While the members all have different styles and mediums, they have all studied with art instructor Lola Owen, who is no stranger to the art world. She owned and ran the Lakeside Gallery in Tahoe North Shore for over 35 years. It all began when her husband suggested that she open a gallery in the front of their metal shop. What began small became big as the Lakeside Gallery expanded into a studio space with art supplies, art classes, and custom framing. Years of study have made Lola an incredible teacher with a wealth of knowledge and techniques for painting in oil and watercolors.

Lola retired to Loyalton and began teaching adult classes at the Senior Center where she has taught watercolors and oil painting for over 7 years before moving to a new location. For more information call (530) 993-6008. Lola's classes are sponsored by the Sierra County Arts Council.

Betty Thatcher is one artist who began watercolor painting as a student of Lola Owen. She says, "I began painting as a retirement hobby in 2010. I belong to a group of artists who are also current or former students of Lola's. My work is displayed at the Loyalton Senior Center and in the office waiting room of dentist Lee Walker. I've donated work to several local fundraisers and have been commissioned to paint house and pet portraits." She adds, ";Mainly, I paint because I love painting!"

Another member of the group, Kathleen Goicoechea, lives part-time in Sierra Valley and also started painting with Lola at the Senior Center. "I've always been interested in painting, so when Lola started teaching, I was delighted to sign up. At that time I preferred watercolor, but she was teaching oil painting, so I jumped at the chance to learn all aspects of painting. Under her tutelage, I've tried most mediums including watercolor, acrylic, oil, egg tempera, charcoal, pastels, pencil, and modeling paste," she explains. “While most artists have found the medium and subject matter they are most comfortable with, I tend to paint with anything and everything, no matter how challenging. I have yet to paint what I feel is my best painting," she muses.


Mary Manning has been involved in making art since she was a child, often drawing portraits of her many siblings. She minored in art at the University of California, Sacramento, and studied watercolor, charcoal portrait drawing, figure drawing, pen and ink, etching, jewelry casting, and acrylic painting. "For the past few years, I've been studying under Lola Owen. She has an in-depth knowledge of the arts, and is a very inspirational teacher with an easy, approachable style of teaching." Mary continues, "I like to paint and draw with feeling, emotion, and movement showing in the work, and I create my works while having fun and pushing a little outside the box. I sell my work on under the shop name "MarysRocknArt" and also take portrait commissions."


Lori Paoletti has had a love for drawing since she was a little girl, when her dad would give her the rectangular pieces of cardboard that his dry cleaned shirts were wrapped around for a canvas to draw on. All through school, her math homework had more doodles than figures!  She took art classes at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz in the 1980's, watercolor classes in Reno several years ago, and for the last 3 years has been taking art classes with Lola Owen.  Lori also does beautiful bead work, wire stone wrapping, jewelry making, and sewing. By trade, she is a manicurist and esthetician, so she even "draws" on peoples' nails and faces with her make-up application and nail art! She lives in Vinton, CA, in the beautiful Sierra Valley, which is the perfect backdrop for her love of painting landscapes and animals. With panoramic views of the valley, mountains, beautiful sunsets, cows, horses, sheep, dogs, and cats, there is no end to the subject matter and inspiration.

Also on display at the gallery is artwork by Plumas Arts' remarkable group of artist members. The gallery hours are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11am to 5pm. The show will run through the month of June 2015. Please visit Plumas Arts on the web to see the gallery exhibition schedule for 2015.