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Zen What?
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Dana & Carol Smith

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Dana & Carol Smith have "Re-Cycling" all sorts of materials in A Creative Manner, since the early 70's in Berkeley, CA. Working mainly with wood, they created beautiful brand new furniture, from old wood, that retained its "Patina of Age."

Glass, metal and other miscellaneous materials have had their turn. For the past 3 years, jewelry has been finding its way into their creative studio.

"Re-Claiming" not only old jewelry and supplies, but also items of interest that catch their eye. All of this then "Re-Designed" into new jewelry - Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces and etc. The "Re-Creation" process brings to life the myriad materials and designs into jewelry that is both New & Old at the same time. All of the work is one of a kind and/or Limited Edition.