The group known as The Pukes short for (Plumas Ukulele Society) was formed in 2012 by Lance Barker and Michelle Fulton as an informal gathering of folks wanting to play ukulele and have some fun. The group is mostly composed of novice ukulele players, and the number of participants has been as high as twenty four.
  The group playing for the February Words and Music is composed of 12 players: Dave Mitchell, Mari Erin Roth, Wayne Cartwright, Mary Miles, Shirley DeLeon, Steve Turner, Bib Willis, Amy Bennett, Connie Lief, Mahlah Holden, Robert Johnson and David Arsenault (not pictured). The Pukes play ukuleles of all types from the tiny soprano to the larger tenors, baritones, and even a ukulele bass. We hope you enjoy our performance of love songs in honor of Valentine's Day. We are very excited to share our love of the ukulele with you.