Robert Drake

Robert Drake was a regular on the local Plumas County music scene and in school arts education programs for two decades in the 1980's and 1990's while he was a resident of Plumas County.

Since his Quincy days, he has traveled and performed in Hawaii, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Sparkistan (Croatia). Of the tales of his his many international adventures he reports "a few years ago I was flown down to Tamarindo, Costa Rica to play in a jazz festival where I fed an alligator while at the sound check." While in Los Cabos, Baja Sur, Mexico this last Winter… "I accompanied former American Idol winner Catherine McPhee at a beach resort." But he claims that the highlight of that Baja Sur stay was a Bach to Coltrane concert in Todos Santos with Brazilian drummer Luciano Callado who he found to be "an amazing talent!"

Drake has been performing on the guitar for 38 yrs. He received his masters in music from Chico State in 1985 but he has "learned so much more working with musicians from countries like Brazil, Argentina and Cuba. While in Guatemala in 2009 I had the great fortune of working with the Cuban conga master Coloso Gutierrez. This winter I'm planning a trip to Panama and Colombia and hope to work with some more great musicians."