Jacquie Cordova

Jacquie Cordova
Painting, Drawing & Pottery

PO Box 418
Westwood CA 96137
(530) 256-2217


  Jacquie Cordova's artistic passion is fueled by love of the creative process, the various
mediums in which she works, and the mountains surrounding her home. "Living in this
extraordinary area continues to inspire me," says Jacquie of the Almanor Basin/Lassen County
area. Adept in many genres, including painting, drawing, and hand-building pottery, Jacquie has shared her work as an artist, a teacher, and an advocate for children and artistic activities.
  In all her art work, Jacquie's use of contrast is evident. One is attracted by her strong use
of color, varied textures, a sense of earth with touches of shimmer. Her compositions are strong, full of life and movement.
  Glass beads have been sewn into some of Jacquie's watercolors, adding subtly to the vibrant melody of colors. Currently, her paintings are of landscapes, flowers, and wildlife, with an occasional return to figurative work. In addition to watercolor, she works with oil and acrylics.
  Raku pottery is a relatively new venture for Jacquie. The process was developed in 16th century Japan for use in the Tea Ceremony. Jacquie's work is becoming more colorful as her interest in the art form develops. The carving on her pieces is inspired by native cultures from Alaska to Chile. After firing, intrigue is added in the form of stones, beads, feathers, and other embellishments that compliment and complete the tone of each individual piece.
  "Stories are told, images come alive, and good wishes are given." Jacquie Cordova's creative instincts are woven into her philosophy of life and community.