Ben Harsten and Penny & Dude Berry have been on separate but somewhat parallel musical paths for many years. In the spring of 2011 though, those musical paths somehow met and an interesting new musical collaboration began in eastern Plumas County.

Focusing on the best tunes of the 'old' folky, bluesy, country-rock era and sprinkling in some of the best of the 'new' folky, bluesy, alt-country tunes, they've found a place where all their musical desires can be reached.

With Penny and Ben on various acoustic guitars, a little mandolin sprinkled in here and there and Dude on harmonica or keeping the beat on the cajon, there is a great foundation upon which to lay their solo and harmony vocals

Like a favorite old shirt that you find at the bottom of the drawer, Benny, Penny & Dude's music feel like that perfect fit: comfy & something that you know and love.