Clinch Mountain


Previously known as The Ukulele Ladies and Some Guy, the group has changed their name to be more in keeping with the traditional mountain music they love to sing and perform. Now known as Clinch Mountain, this new musical group brings the old time country and folk music of the Clinch mountains of Southwest Virginia to today's audiences.

The members are (from left to right, Greg Willis, Collette Rhoads, Jennifer Kimball, and Dave Mitchell.) Jennifer provides vocal harmonies bringing the old Appalachian influences to their singing while Collette supplies lead vocals and rhythm ukulele. Greg brings his Stormy Monday-Chicago-Spin-on-Delta Blues vocals and finger-style guitar skills, and Dave delivers as the anchor for the group on upright bass.

Their love for music carries into their daily lives...Jennifer uses music in her classroom, Greg, as a singer/song writer, gives private and group music lessons, Dave plays in two other groups, and Collette, now retired, uses her time to search out old-time melodies to add to their repertoire. The band also has a shared interest in collecting vintage stringed instruments that perfectly fit the type of music they play.

While staying true to the original musical interpretation of the traditional mountain folk melodies, they may sometimes be heard to add their own interesting take on a song or two. They are a captivating and fun group and well worth a listen.