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About Plumas Arts
PLUMAS ARTS (also known as the Plumas County Arts Commission) was established in 1981 as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, private public benefit corporation. Since its inception, Plumas Arts has been authorized by the Plumas County Board of Supervisors to serve as Plumas County’s arts planning and programming agency for the California Arts Council's (CAC) State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP). In this state program Plumas Arts has consistently ranked in a model status among all the 53 California counties represented.

Plumas Arts cultivates communities in which arts & culture flourish


  • Cultivate showcases of arts & culture that enrich quality of life for the residents of, and visitors to, Plumas County
  • Enhance & provide opportunities for artistic development & excellence for artists, potential artists and audiences of all ages
  • Advocate for, and educate about, the value of The Arts
  • Sustain a strong and vibrant organization
  • Present the arts as a vital economic and tourism industry resource


Over the last three decades our diligent groundwork has opened doors for numerous culture-related and upscale businesses as well as organizations, events producers and other cultural affiliations to take root in fertile soil.
Plumas Arts is without a doubt the cultural glue that holds Plumas County together.

Plumas Arts is largely responsible for much of the quality of cultural life that many residents have come to depend upon and visitors are attracted to. We also host a gallery for local artists and keep art programs in the county schools and the Town Hall Theatre open for movies and local performances.

When you add up the movies, the live shows or community performances at the Town Hall Theatre and the art openings, art walks, concerts, Words & Music and art festivals that Plumas Arts produces, you will rarely find a day without an art "happening" somewhere in Plumas County.

Plumas Arts is one of the largest membership organizations in the region. Families, businesses, individuals and agencies cross over geographical, political, philosophical, religious and ethnic boundaries to make cash investments to support the ambitious, multi-faceted work of Plumas Arts. JOIN US or RENEW your Membership!

Over the last two decades, in order to weather an array of funding challenges, Plumas Arts has merited and grown a diversity of funding sources that include the following:

California Arts Council
Plumas Arts owes our inception to the California Arts Council’s (CAC) State-Local Partnership Program.
Since 1981 the CAC has provided us with operational support and funding for our art education and other programs. This funding is now made possible through sales of the California Arts License Plate. Find out how we can help California arts through the Million Plates for the Arts Campaign.
There is now a way to directly contribute to the California Arts Council through your annual tax refunds to advance the arts and arts education: Check Off for the Arts.

FUNdraising Events & Activities
For the last decade a significant part of our income has been derived through events designed to contribute funds to the mission-based work of our organization. The Mountain Harvest Festival (October), Taste of Plumas (April) and Almanor Art Show (August) generate essential organizational support as well as to provide residents and visitors with some of our area’s most attractive community events. To this we add auctions, prize drawings and benefit concerts and member gatherings.

Earned Income Projects & Programs
Plumas Arts has creatively conceived a number of avenues that contribute income to us as well as to artists and local events producers. Our management of the Town Hall Theatre and Capitol Arts Gallery are two of these projects as well as ticket sales for our performing arts events and contracts for cultural services.

Annual Memberships & Donations
This is perhaps the most gratifying support that we receive people who reach into their own pocketbooks to support our work. Individual, family, business and organizations (numbering nearly 10% of the total county population) make Plumas arts one of the largest membership-based organization in our area. We are also thrilled to merit additional donations to support specific programs or projects. All donations to Plumas Arts are tax deductible.

Grant Writing for Foundation and Corporate Support
We are always serving for funding opportunities that jive with the funding programs of foundations and corporations that offer support to this area and arts and culture. In years past we have welcomed the support through competitive grant awards from: Pacific Gas & Electric and the James Irvine, High Sierra Music and Bill Graham Foundations.


County of Plumas
In recognition of the work that we do to build local quality of life and support tourism and economic development our local government has provided an annual allocation for operating support.


OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS represents our geography, communities, art forms and cultural groups as well as businesses, agencies and individuals - all of our membership constituents.


Roxanne Valladao, Executive Director
Lori Davis, Gallery Manager/Events Coordinator
Cary Walters Dingel, Arts Education Program Manager / Graphic Artist

located at 525 Main Street in Quincy housed within the Capitol Arts Gallery

Office Hours: Wednesday-Friday 11am to 5:30pm, Saturday starting in May 11am to 3pm
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 600, Quincy, CA 95971
Phone: 530.283.3402
Fax: 530.283.1168