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Bill enjoys painting wildlife with the emphasis on individual animals. The focus of the painting is on the detail of the animal in a way that the viewer feels that they know the animal personally.

Humbolt State graduate Bill is a retired California Fish and Game Warden who devotes his time to teaching animal behavior, equine behavior and drawing at Feather River College in Quincy; birdwatching, sketching and travel in the US and Canada, painting in his Quincy studio and enjoying his family and friends including first grandchild ,Wes.

Sandhill Cranes
Limited Edition Print ~ 15" x 16"
Many birds, mammals and fish are painted in acrylic although he also uses watercolor and oil. Bills hope is that people enjoy wildlife through his paintings.

Artwork can be seen at Plumas Arts Gallery in Quincy and at various local restaurants and businesses.

Limited edition prints, notecards and shirts are available at Plumas Arts Gallery and the Bookshelf in Quincy and at Northwoods Gallery in Chester.

Golden Crowned Kinglet
Original ~ 4" x 4"
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White Crowned Sparrow
Limited Edition Print ~ 8"x 8"
California Quail, male and female
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